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A 6119 regional water district

Permit Process

How to Obtain a Water Permit


Allen Water District - Anytime a customer is wishing to connect to a District waterline or resides within the District and is attempting to connect to a waterline, a permit from the Allen Water District must be obtained. Permit fees vary depending on the actual costs incurred to complete the waterline project. Please call our office to determine the permit fee for your specific parcel. Calling ahead prior to your visit can greatly reduce your wait time. 

City of Lima – The City of Lima provides the source of water for the majority of District customers. Once a water permit is obtained from the Allen Water District, the customer should set up an account with the City of Lima through their Customer Service Department and pay any associated tap fees.  This department also handles billing and collections. 

City of Lima - Customer Service Department

424 N. Central Avenue

Lima, Ohio 45801

p. 419-221-5252


Townships - Property owners should contact their respective township to determine if any permits are required to work in the road right-of-way.

Allen County Health Department - Property owners should contact the health department when connecting to public water. A permit will be required whether abandoning a well or keeping a well for outdoor use. A list of registered plumbing contractors can also be found on the health department's website.

Allen County Health Department - Customer Service Department

219 E. Market Street

Lima, Ohio  45801

p. 419-228-4457