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A 6119 regional water district

About Us


 The Allen Water District is a regional water district formed under Ohio Revised Code Section 6119, and as such, is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio.  The Allen Water District's actions are directed by a 7 member Board of Trustees.  This Board consists of four members appointed by each township:  American, Bath, Perry and Shawnee, two Members-at-Large appointed by the Board itself and one member appointed by the Allen County Commissioners. 

 The District was formed in 1989 with the purpose of bringing quality water to American, Bath, Perry and Shawnee Townships.  The District now represents unincorporated areas in all 12 townships in Allen County through an agreement with the County Commissioners.


Mission Statement

The Board of Trustees of the Allen Water District, Allen County, Ohio is committed to professionally managing and facilitating installation of public water infrastructure, and providing high quality and reliable public water to the customers of the District. 


Benefits of Public Water


  • Provides reliable high quality water source
  • Increases fire protection 
  • Potential to decrease home owner's insurance  
  • Eliminates the need to maintain well (costs associated with treating  water for hardness or sulfur)  
  • Easier on electrical components/appliances and fixtures  
  • Reduces health risks associated with contaminated well water

Interested in Public Water?

  Please contact the  Allen Water District to see if there is a waterline that currently serves your property.  If there isn't, the District can tell you what your proximity is to an existing waterline and give you more information on how you may be able to connect.